Default NameServer

For the DNS Service to work, it is essential that all queries for your domain name should reach our Name Servers, which would respond to the query with the records that you have specified. Thus, it is vital that you change the Name Servers for your domain name to our Name Servers.

To change the Name Servers of your domain name to our Name Servers;
  1. Select the Domain at the main menu and choose My Domains.
  2. Choose the domain name you required to set.
  3. Next choose Manage Nameservers  on the domain management pages.
  4. And change the Name Servers accordingly follow the below information.
Name Server 1
Name Server 2
Name Server 3
Name Server 4

After finish configure the above information now you can use our DNS Management directly and it will take effect in every change yo do. If there any problem or you having trouble you may directly open ticket and we will help you and set for you.
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