• Thursday, February 28, 2019

Please be advice starting on this 1 March 2019 we have implement new policy regarding to after services expired, before this once your services subscription is expired we will suspend your account and keep your data for about 1 years on our servers than if there no claim for your data your data will be deleted, to serve and make our server better we have come across with the new policy, which is the policy below.


After services expired

Your data will remain on our server when your subscription is expired and not be renewed within 3 months of the expired date. After the 3 months end your data will be deleted on our Web Hosting server and your data will be move to our storage server as the compress files, means all your data will be compress into zip/tar files or any format of compression. There your data will be store for about one year only, and after one year if your data still not be claim, your data will be deleted on our storage server. Please be remind if you already claim for your backup of you services the data will automatically deleted on the server.


This new policy update will be affected to all of our client that subscribe to our services. If you have problem and not understand with this new policy feel free to connect with us and get more information through our communication medium at any time.