• Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hello and welcome to our member, during this week there would be server upgrade and migration. We are here to inform you that this server upgrade will bring benefits and new features to our services.  Here is the new upgraded to be implement this week, it would start on 15/08/2018 - 19/08/2018.

  • 2x Intel Xeon Hex-Core L5639
  • RAM Upgraded from 32GB to 72GB DDR3
  • Hardware based RAID-10
  • Pure SSD drives
  • Asian Optimization for low latency ( traffic is redirect to Asian region)

We are here to encourages you to prepare self backup, this self backup you need to keep into your local hard drives. To prepare this backup it really easy and it will done automatically.  Here is the step to prepare your backup.

First step, you need to login into cPanel, you may login directly inside the portal or using your username and password. After login into cpanel, using search box on the top of the pages and write; backup. and choose Backup Wizard.

inside the backup wizard you will click the Backup button,

Next, choose the Full Backup;


Next step is,  you need to choose Backup Destination, you may choose other destination but for this purpose please choose Home Directory, this would help you to easily find your backup once it done. And next choose your email address to get the notification once the backup is done.

Lastly click Generate Backup to begin the backup, it will done automatically and once it done you will receive email address to download your backup.

The reasons why we asking you to prepare own backup because we need you to be prepare for any cause, actually you no need to worry because from our end we already have done the backup. Moreover, This upgrade and migration will not be notice and will be done silently by our Team. We really hope when this upgrade is done you would enjoy the better service from us.




What is actually happen?..

  • We are upgrading our server into new datacenter, we upgrade because we know that our company have expand and we need to upgrade to provider the best and better place. This time upgrade will bring best in performance because we use purely SSD with support of optimization in asia

How it will effect me?.

  • There would no negative effect from this upgrade, because we have done before and it have done smoothly.  There would some cases, during this migration if your update or edit your files, there would be not be transferred into our new server.

Should i do backup ?..

  • Yes, just keep your files with you, but actually we also have done backup on our end, it is just for preparation for any cause.  You may also can contact our team to help you to prepare your backup by opening new ticket in the portal.


If there is any question please directly contact with our team, you may open the ticket in the portal or directly contact using Whatapps; malayhost.com/ws.