• Friday, March 12, 2021

As we're moving forward to bringing good things and improvement of our service, today we have officially released our new feature in the portal where it allows users to manage their hosting account directly in the portal without required to login to DirectAdmin. We understand what our user experience when they're using the DirectAdmin control panel, that some of them is struggling to get familiar with DirectAdmin interface. Part from that we bring this features with the hope can solve the problem and ease the user experience when using our services. 


There are four categories have been added, which are Manage Account, Email Management, Advanced Features and One Click Login.  For the Manage account it allow user to add new domain or subdomain to the hosting, manage the DNS, using the File Manager and creating FTP and database. For the Email management it covers the basic function of email service, such as creating new email account, accessing to webmail and others. For the Advance features, user allows to setup the cron jobs, added domain pointer, do the redirection and install the SSL. For the One Click Login section user can easily click on the icon to automatically login to DirectAdmin, PhpMyAdmin or webmail. 


As for now this features only will be available on da4.contolpanel.my server and for sure we will bring this features into other DirectAdmin server by the end of the April. This will be happened in few phase to ensure it not disturbs our user, For the server on da1,da2,da3 you may login as usual to DirectAdmin by clicking one click login button under your service. For the da4 user you may need to use the One Click Login button to login into your DirectAdmin control panel. 


We really happy and hope our user could use this new feature and helping them to use and interact with our service better. As we know the cPanel price keep increasing we were really looking forward to use DirectAdmin as our main solution for the control panel. Please do not hesitate to provide us feedback or anything you can directly reach us via our communication medium, on Facebook/Instagram or open the ticket in the portal.